What type of seating do you offer?
Lions Super pull of the south offers Reserve seating in the North East bleachers as well as general admission seating through out the park in the south east section and all of the west side. Grass seating is available on the west side and many patrons bring chairs and sit track side.

Reserve seats are 18” wide and may feel tight to some fans. Many patrons will purchase an extra seat to ensure they have comfortable room to relax during the event. Remember it will be hot and the extra room will help make the viewing experience more enjoyable. All reserve seats are located in the two norther sections on the east side of the track along the 300’ mark.

General Admission seats are located in the southeast section as well as the entire west side of the track. We also offer a first come first serve seating area along the track on the west side that is a grass area for lawn chairs. Many fans will bring chairs early and find a spot along the grass for the evening.

Will tickets be sold at the gate?
Yes! Tickets will be sold at the gate and online throughout the event. QR codes at the gate will allow quick access for phone purchases. ATM machines and credit/debit card sales are available.

What is the weather like?
It will be hot, humid and sticky during the day and the evening are normally comfortable.

Can I bring a cooler in?
No coolers are allowed, liquid refreshments and beer are sold in the venue and concession areas.

Can I bring a backpack?
Backpacks are allowed but will be searched at the gates for glass and weapons.

Do you charge for parking?
Yes, we charge $5 per vehicle to park on site. We will have parking attendants help guide you to the best parking area. All parking proceeds go to support youth athletics locally. Type your paragraph here.

Best way to enjoy our event?

​​The best way to enjoy the “Lions Super Pull of the South” is to come early and walk the pits. Drivers and sponsors alike enjoy mingling with the fans. Bring your cameras and get a picture beside your favorite driver or tractor. Kids and adults like to collect the 8x10 pictures and fact sheet of all the drivers and tractors. Watch up close as pit crews prepare the tractors for the pull and take in the smells of burning alcohol and diesel. Feel the ground rumble as they fire up the engines to warm the oil before the pull. You haven’t experienced the tractor pull if you haven’t walked the pits before a pull!